The IB Prep Program

The IB Prep Program


Lycée Condorcet offers a six-month IB Prep Program beginning every January after the end of Year 10 in the Australian school system.

It is compulsory for all students who have not completed Year 10 at Lycée Condorcet who wish to start the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program in Year 11.

This Prep Program is also open to students who:

  • Have a strong academic background
  • Are from a non-French-speaking background
  • Want to be immersed in a French-speaking environment
  • Need to improve their English and/or French language skills before starting the IB

The ability to speak French is not a prerequisite for entry to the program as all classes are conducted in English. Students join in January for a period of six months before beginning the IB Diploma program in August.

This broad-based course is divided into seven subjects for a total of 20 teaching weeks:

IB Prep Program Subjects

Lessons per week 
(55 minutes)



English Language


French Language and Culture




Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)


Humanities (Economics and History)


Visual Arts and Music





Subjects are taught by teachers with qualifications in teaching the IB Diploma in English. The emphasis in all subjects is on the development of relevant academic skills to prepare for the IB Diploma.

In addition to the above program, students are expected to engage in the school’s extra-curricular program.

Please note that students accepted on the IB Prep program are not automatically taken into the IB Diploma program. We only accept students whom we feel have a sound chance of success.

If you are interested in this course or want to know more, please contact our IB Coordinator at or call + 612 9344 8692