Physical activities and sport at Lycée Condorcet

Physical activities and sport at Lycée Condorcet


The objective of these teachings is to respect the requirements of the programs of the French education system, but also to put forward the activities and the Australian sport culture. 

Physical and sport education (PE)

A compulsory subject and prepares the students to the Brevet des collèges (DNB) and Baccalaureate. The students discover during their schooling in junior secondary and senior secondary activities such as:

Swimming - Middle distance racing - Surfing - Rugby with 7 players - Oz tag - AFL - Football - Basketball - Handball - Baseball - Volleyball - Acrosport - Circus Art du cirque - PPG - Ultimate ...


Sport Association (AS)

Offers students who register the opportunity to increase their knowledge and discover sports, and is also a gateway to activities outside the school. At Lycée Condorcet, we offer Swimming – Competitive swimming - Surfing - Handball – Tennis – Futsal


Sport Sections (Elite Squads)

Offers students the possibility to benefit from further training in their chosen activity and to participate in competitions at the federal level. The students have to pass selection tests for each activity in order to join the sport sections. The sport sections offered at Lycée Condorcet are Swimming – Surfing - Badminton - Tennis