Physical education at LCS

Physical education at LCS


In addition to meeting all the standards set by the French National Education, our Physical Education teaching also aims to put Australian sport culture in the spotlight. 

Physical and sport education (PE)

PE is among the nationally agreed areas of learning for schools and, consequently, is a compulsory subject. Students discover various sports and prepare for the PE examinations of the French DNB and Baccalaureate. In secondary school, are included in the curriculum activities such as: Swimming - Middle distance running - Surfing - Rugby with 7 players - Oz tag - AFL - Football - Basketball - Handball - Baseball - Volleyball - Acrosport - Circus Art du cirque - PPG - Ultimate ...

Please see the activities schedule below for the current school year.


Sport Association (AS)

Our Sport Association provides opportunities for students to keep up their physical education more thoroughly, increase their knowledge and develop sportsmanship. At Lycée Condorcet, we offer: Swimming – Competitive swimming - Surfing - Handball – Tennis – Futsal

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Sport Sections (Elite Squads)

Our Sport Sections offer students the possibility to benefit from further training in their chosen activity and to participate in competitions at the federal level. The students have to pass selection tests for each activity in order to join the sport sections. The sport sections offered at Lycée Condorcet are: Swimming – Surfing - Badminton - Tennis

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