Science Week at LCS - 17-21 October

Science Week at LCS - 17-21 October

Science is explained and comes alive

Organized by the Ministry of National Education, of Higher Education and Research and with over 3000 events in France, Science Week proposes an abundance of entertainment, exhibitions, free debate and scientific, inventive and playful initiatives throughout France. All public, of all ages, are concerned. All scientific areas are addressed, from biodiversity to the science of the universe, through to human sciences and nanotechnology. To better understand science and its issues. To share knowledge and better understand the world around us.


Check out what happened during the week -  Youtube

The science festival at LCS - calendar

Monday, 10/17

  • From 9am - Primary (CP-CM2): Coloring of the main courtyard (drawing fish, scientific equipment, marine life)


Tuesday 18/10

  • 2.35 – 13.35pm (meeting room) - Introducing TPE Terminales in 180 seconds.
  • 3.35 – 4.35pm (meeting room): Conference by a PHD student of the UNSW department "Climate Change Research Centre" (CCRC). The presentation will focus on the influence of climactic changes on our oceans. (link). The conference will be ‘live’ on the LCS facebook page.


Wednesday, 10/19 - ALL students are invited to dress in blue on that day!

  • Scientific workshops animated by the Year 10 students in the main courtyard
  • from 1.30 to 3.30pm: Expos science in the laboratories
  • In E008: Room "aquarium" (discovery of life in the Oceans)
  • In E003: Room "Oceans" (microscopic observations + 3D printer activities + robotics)
  • In E007: Room "sounds of our Oceans" (Oceans sound recognition game)


Thursday, 10/20

  • 3.35 – 5.30pm (meeting room) Movie night - Ocean (link)