Study pathways

Study pathways


To find out information about the courses available after Seconde and to help you choose, please see slide show "After Seconde - Choosing a baccalaureate course" at the bottom of this page.


Please see "Calendar of the procedures and information meetings" at lycée Condorcet at the bottom of this page 

Studying in France

  • Access the ONISEP webpage for higher studies' enrolment
  • Please see the thorough brochure of Campus France available at the library "Etudier en France après le baccalauréat" or click here to access the information online. 
  • Enrolments in higher studies in France are done on the following link or directly with the schools'website. An information session is scheduled on the 9 December 2014 at 5.30pm.

Studying in the United States

  • Download the slide show provided during the information session regarding studying in the United States (at the bottom of the page)