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100% renewable energy at LCS!

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas for energy consumption is one of the main contributors to greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming.

Lycée Condorcet has changed its energy policy considerably over the last year, with the management and the school board deciding to install solar panels on the gymnasium and the new building that will cover 53% of the school’s electricity needs by 2022.

Along with this commitment the school has also made a call for tender for the future electricity supplier, opting to use 100% green energy to cover the remaining 47% of the school’s electricity needs.

This will allow our school to be run by 100% green energy by January 1st, 2022.

For the past three years, the considerable efforts of the board, the principals Nicolas L’Hotellier and Sébastien Mathey, the business manager, Thibault Delor, and the Facilities Manager, Greg Sawyer, supported by the sustainable development advisor, Audrey Leclech, have contributed to us reaching our goals in terms of the school developing sustainably. 

The school as also invested in certain resources and material:

– Classroom renovations and insulation

– Implementation of environmental criteria in our calls for tenders (printers, cleaning contracts, canteen service providers, etc.)

– Active participation in recycling (separate recycling bins, including for food waste)

– Assisting students in creating vegetable gardens

The next step will be taken by our students, especially our class eco-representatives who are already thinking about how to reduce energy consumption in the school through simple and daily gestures.