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  • Congratulations to Our Year 12s – You Did It!

Congratulations to Our Year 12s – You Did It!

It has been a long year, with plenty of surprises and new challenges, but you did it. You made it all the way through and have now completed your secondary school education – congratulations!

Some of you joined Lycée Condorcet as tiny tots aged just 3 in the Petite Section in Maternelle, others have moved around the globe in the AEFE network, and have ended up finishing your secondary education here in Sydney. For all of you, important, formative months and years of your lives have been spent here at LCS, and we thank you for letting us take part in your journey. 

You will now go out into the big wide world of tertiary studies, prep programs and internships, and we wish you the best of luck. We hope you will bring with you many wonderful memories, lessons learned and friendships.

2022 French Baccalaureate Results

The French Baccalaureate’s end-of-year results have been announced. Congratulations on all the students and teachers for all the hard work put in over the years. All the students passed AND obtained honors. Now we are waiting with suspense for the IB results which will come soon. 

59.5% highest honors – including 15.6% who received praise from the jury

28.1% high honors

12.5% honors

Lycée Condorcet Sydney graduation 2022