Our Organisation

Lycée Condorcet is an Australian non-profit independant company limited by guarantee and an Australian Independent school supported and represented by the Association of Independent Schools of NSW. As such, the school has a legal requirement to operate in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) as per the Education Act 1990 (NSW), the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission Act 2012 (Cth), and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). A non-exhaustive list of key requirements can be found in the school Constitution and Governance Charter. Ensuring these requirements are constantly met is the legal responsibility of the School Board.

The School Board

The School Board is composed of 8 to 10 Directors comprised of 4 to 6 Directors elected from among its members (Member Director) and a maximum of 4 Directors appointed by the Board (Board Directors). The Board is not responsible for the day- to- day operations or the implementation of the educational curriculum of the School. The essence of the governance role is to work with the Principal, Business Manager and Compliance Officer and ensure a strategic approach to the School’s future. Coupled with that is the responsibility to monitor adherence to systems of risk management, ensure the school's financial stability and viability. Additionally, the Board ensures that the School maintains systems of compliance with legal obligations and undertakes periodic performance reviews. The Board remains accountable for the School’s performance and monitors and supports management on an ongoing basis.

The Board and the AEFE (Agency fir French Education Abroad) are bound by a strategic agreement signed by the Chair of the Board and the French Ambassador representing the French State. This agreement provides a framework for the operation of the School and its pedagogical programs (see the English translation of the agreement).

The AEFE appoints and remunerates the Principal and Business Manager according to a profile defined in consultation with the Embassy of France to Australia and the School Board. The Principal, under the AEFE’s delegation, ensures the quality of the teaching in the School. He / she provides a guarantee that the pedagogical program follows the French Ministry of Education’s program and respects the quality criteria. The Principal is accountable to the AEFE for the delivery of the French curriculum and to the NSW Department of Education for delivery of the requirements of the NSW syllabus with the assistance of the Compliance Officer. The Principal is accountable to the Board for the overall performance of the School including The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP).


Company Secretary : Jan Rashbrook

Current Board MembersElected / AppointedUntilPosition
Pierre PontElected2023 AGMChair
Géraldine CoakleyAppointed2022 AGMTreasurer
Christophe BergeronAppointedAugust 2023Deputy Treasurer
Vincent Boccon-GibodElected2022 AGM
Jean-Christophe de BeaulieuElected2023 AGM
Craig de VriesElected2023 AGM
Julie DufrenoyAppointed2022 AGM
Florence La CarbonaElected2024 AGM
Lachlan McKnightAppointed2022 AGM
Stéphane ThaoElected2022 AGM

Other participants

Representative of the primary school teachers

Representative of the secondary school teachers

School Principal

Business Director

French Consul in Australia

French Cultural and Cooperation Counsellor in Australia

The School Committee

AEFE Circular number 1033 /  2021. This circular can be modified by the AEFE.

The School Committee represents the administration, teachers, parents and students. Its role is to contribute with the perspective of students, parents and staff on decisions regarding education at LCS as well as the school’s long term plans.

The School Committee votes:

  • The school's long-term plan
  • The school rules and regulations
  • The school timetable and calendar
  • The yearly educational plan on career and study options
  • The professional development plan for staff
  • The annual action plan of the primary-secondary council
  • The annual anti-bullying action plan
  • The annual action programme for education for sustainable development and citizenship education.

The School Committee provides an opinion on :

  • The organisation of staff employment
  • The evolution of the pedagogical structures
  • The activity program of the sports association
  • WHS matters
  • The organisation of the educational life
  • Special missions assigned to staff members
  • The program and the funding of overnight school excursions
  • The accomodation of students with special needs
  • The school canteen

2021-2022 Members with the right to vote:


Principal: Nicolas L'Hotellier
Cultural Counselor: Boris Toucas
Deputy Principal: Antony Jonkx 
Business Director: Thibault Delor
Primary School Director: Valérie Bronnert
CPE: Raphaël Teulet

Parent representatives

Helen Anderson (incumbent)
Gaelle Marks (incumbent)
Nicolas Santini (incumbent)
Stephanie Wolf (incumbent)
Bruno Cooreman (alternate)
Sandra Germay (alternate)

Adélie Kaszczyk (alternate)

Staff representatives 

Amanda Altshuler

Sylvain Malpaux 
David Morin

Rosa Rusnak

Student representatives

Milo Gruwez

Sacha Nguyen Van Hieu

Members with a consultative role:

CVL Vice-President: 

Clément Saffre

School Board members

Representatives of French Nationals overseas

Jean-Philippe Grange

Elise Léger

Serge Thomann

Caroline Brunel  

Valérie Villière

Consul General of France : Anne Boillon
Deputy Consul: Pierre Bianconi

The Primary School Council

Chaired by the Primary School Director, the school council is a consultative body whose advice must be sought on all aspects related to the operation and life of the primary school. Parents can contact their elected representatives on the Primary School Council at the following email address: parents.conseil-ecole@condorcet.com.au

You can find more information in the video above.

  • Pedagogical structures
  • Primary school timetable and calendar
  • Primary school long-term plan
  • Education conditions of children with specific learning needs
  • Organisation of school camps
  • Questions relating to hygiene, health and safety of the children at the school and also during extracurricular activities
  • Principles guiding the choice of equipment and pedagogical tools
  • The annual action programme for education for sustainable development

- The primary school director
- 15 teachers, including at least one for each level of education
- 15 parent representatives, at least one from each level of education. 2021-2022 parents representatives were:

Sophie Berlot Touzard 

Nisha Brooks 

Paul Chevrot 

Isabelle Dunn 

Raphaël Gautier 

Sandra Germay

Véronique Houlet

Mia Jay Kacen

Fiona Jeanney

Adelie Kaszczyk

Fiona Macgregor

Sebastian Mackinnon 

Martin Orliac 

Sherine Shallah

LCS Regulations and Policies