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Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Languages - A Pathway to Success

AEFE Language Path and International Sections at LCS

While bilingualism is at the core of our educational project, exposure to foreign languages is a distinctive feature of our school. In this context, LCS obtained authorization to open a British International Section starting in August 2019, covering the entire elementary school as well as 6th-grade and 10th-grade classes. In elementary school, this is essentially a validation and labelling of the existing program; thus, all students will be considered part of the international section. This allows for the recognition of their academic path in case of a change of school. In 2023, LCS replaced the British International Section in elementary school with the Australian International Section.

In middle and high school, it is an optional and selective choice. Starting from 6th grade, students are introduced to learning a third language: German, Spanish, or Mandarin, which will be studied obligatorily for the last 6 years of the accredited curriculum. Certifications attest to the students’ proficiency levels in these different languages. Students also have the option to study Latin from 6th grade onwards.

English obviously holds a special place in our students’ journey, as evidenced by the enhanced program in middle school where students follow the New South Wales curriculum and benefit from certain courses in English as part of the Discipline Non-Linguistique (DNL). Similarly, all our high school students automatically join the European section. The high school also offers students the opportunity to enrol in the British International Section, leading to the BFI (Franco-International Baccalaureate).

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Extended International Programmes

Our school offers an Extended Australian Programme in Elementary school, and an Extended British Programme  in Secondary school. The Secondary school programme is intended for bilingual students who have a good command of both written and oral English and French. More than a language programme, the Extended Australian Programme and the Extended British Programme are the result of bilateral cooperation with the educational authorities of Australia, the UK, who are involved in its implementation and examination.

In 2019, we received the good news that the LCS program in Elementary School qualifies as a Extended British Programme. This is a label that adds extra value to our students’ education should they happen to change to another school in the future. In Secondary School, the Extended British Programme becomes an elective, and interested students must apply and pass an entrance test to be selected. On top of the French curriculum, pupils will study English Language and Literature as well as History and Geography in English.

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French as a Study Language (FLSco) - For a more accessible education

Each child is an individual, each story is unique, and when it comes to education, we understand that each student has different needs.

To this end, we offer extra support in French through our FLSco program (French as a Study Language) and have implemented the Ten Commandments of a Successful Integration:

This program is aimed mainly at new students at LCS who have little or no command of French when they join us, but is also available to those who are already in the process of learning French, yet need additional support to strengthen their language skills. FLSco gives them access to the basic skills required to integrate the French education system. The program was put in place to assist students in their transition to the French system and to facilitate their integration in the school. As a result, students are placed in classes that correspond to their age and, outside their regular classes, attend FLSco tutoring lessons in small work groups over a given period of time.

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You play an important role, too!

You are a key player in your child’s academic success. It is absolutely essential to regularly monitor your child’s progress at home to give him or her every possible chance to succeed. In addition, we encourage parents to facilitate exposure to the French language outside of school hours through, for example, extra-curricular activities in French, reading books in French with their children, audiovisual supports in French (TV5Monde, movies, etc.) or through prolonged stays in French speaking countries.

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Learning Resources

Maternelle – Learning resources & tips and ideas: for practicing at home and with friends! Movies, books, series.

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