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Our Facilities

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Our Facilities

Our facilities encompass  modern laboratories, technology rooms, an indoor multipurpose court, a school theatre, two libraries, and a spacious canteen equipped with a salad bar for our students’ self-service needs starting from Junior High. This ensures that students remain energised, in line with the principles of the Smart Food Program. The cafeteria menu, available on Pronote, features fresh and diverse dishes, including various salad and raw vegetable options as starters, a main course (vegetarian option), and a dessert (fruits, dairy products). Additionally, there is a Coffee Cart located at the entrance of the new LCS wing: the Café de Flore de Maroubra, paying homage to the eponymous Parisian café.

The new primary school buildings, inaugurated in October 2022, provide modern learning and relaxation spaces. The kindergarten classes are situated on the ground floor, while the elementary teaching rooms have been redesigned, all overlooking an expanded playground.

LCS Sydney

Our Libraries

Secondary School Library – CDI

At the heart of life at Lycée Condorcet, the secondary school CDI (Centre de Documentation et d’Information) provides a conducive space for individual or group work, reading, and documentary research. It is a dynamic hub of cultural life, featuring exhibitions and exchanges between teachers and students. As a nexus of information and global culture, the CDI actively participates in the school’s cultural, humanitarian events, and projects. It also houses the guidance counsellors office and a podcast room.

You can access the Lycée Condorcet CDI catalogue by clicking here. For further information about the CDI, please find more details here.

Primary School Library – BCD

The primary school library offers a rich and diverse range of books, including both French and Anglo-Saxon classics. It provides a multitude of engaging activities aimed at supporting students in their reading development while fostering a love for books. Each primary school class visits the library at least once a week with their teacher, alternating between French and English. Students are encouraged to borrow books to read at home or in the classroom.

In addition to its modern and classic literature collection, the BCD (Bibliothèque Centre de Documentation) includes a section focusing on the environment and sustainable development. Every year, resident authors or artists have the opportunity to share their talents with our students, contributing to enriching their understanding of environmental issues through artistic expression.

A unique school canteen service

Our Canteen

The LCS offers a cafeteria service from Monday to Friday. Our provider, Chartwells, offers complete and varied meals, prepared and served on-site: starter, hot dish, dessert, “à la française.”

Nutritious and balanced, the lunches draw inspiration from international cuisine and include a variety of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, starches, meat, or fish. Theme weeks are also organised throughout the year to encourage the exploration of different flavours and cultures, making mealtime more festive.

Moreover, starting from 6th grade, students have the opportunity to customise their meals with the salad and fruit bar provided. The chef strives to use organic ingredients or those sourced from the Lycée Condorcet garden whenever possible, including carrots, fresh herbs, peppers, onions, etc. The menu is accessible to enrolled families one week in advance on Pronote.

In order to meet the different dietary needs of our students, our canteen offers 8 different meals at no additional cost. This includes vegetarian meals as well as several other options that require a medical certificate, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, pescatarian, no fish, no pork and no eggs. As LCS is a nut-free school, the canteen does not serve food containing nuts.

LCS is committed to a global environmentally-friendly approach in which the school catering service plays a major role. This is reflected in the selection of produce, the sorting of waste, the choice of equipment (e.g. water and energy saving dishwashers) and getting rid of disposable tableware, etc. Our students carry out waste audits, we have food and organic waste bins and the canteen disposes of fruit and vegetable peels in our worm farm. LCS is proud to have received the EFE 3 D Level 2 label in 2022, recognizing institutions abroad that engage in sustainable development practices.




LCS Sydney

New Primary School Facilities

All primary school classrooms are equipped with double-glazed windows and a reverse air conditioning system, as well as interactive whiteboards. Over the past 5 years, 100% of the classrooms have been renovated with the installation of double-glazed windows and air conditioning. In August 2024, all LCS playgrounds will be modernised to provide our students with a bright, secure, and versatile recreational environment.

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