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Budding Ambassadors

An exciting yearly event in which students from Year 4 to Year 12 in French and AEFE schools around the world participate in rhetoric competitions at school, at network zone level and French national level. 19 students participated last Friday at the LCS final, and performed with gusto in front of an impressive jury. The students recited poetry, performed speeches and spoke about topics they are passionate about. The 6 winners of the LCS edition who will go on to compete (online, this year) in the next stage, Asia-Pacific AEFE competition, are:

Eliza, Apoline, Chloe, Rebecca, Ines, Lara

Congratulations to all the brave participants on your moving performances!

Thank you to our enthusiastic jury for your valuable time:
Mr Sébastien Mathey – Principal
Ms Stéphanie Wolf – Parent Representative of the School Committee
Mr Paul Chevrot – Parent Representative of the Primary School Council
Mr Charbel Macaron – Consul General of Lebanon to Sydney
Ms Anne Boillon – Consul General of France to Sydney
Mr André Giroux – Consul General of Canada to Sydney
Mr Didier Boschung – Vice-Consul General of Switzerland to Sydney