Elementary school (élémentaire)

Elementary school (élémentaire)

From CP to CM2 – Year 1 to Year 5

Our elementary school takes children aged from 6 to 10 years old and focuses on the written language (Years 1-3) and consolidation of knowledge (Years 4-5).

Nationally organised 

Our syllabus is coordinated internationally with the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) according to guidelines set out by the French Ministry of Education and must be followed by all teachers and students. Since 1990, students’ expected skill levels are set for each cycle of elementary school. Teachers’ evaluations are based on national benchmarks.


Elementary school teaching is structured around two main areas:

In Elementary School, Years 1 to 3 (cycle 2, fundamental learning) children are introduced to French and English, mathematics, discovery activities, visual arts, music and physical education. 

In Years 4 and 5 (cycle 3) other subjects are studied in more detail: literature, history and geography, experimental sciences and technology. Information and communication technology skills are required for many other school activities and lead to the first level of the computer and Internet component of the Brevet which is the equivalent of the School Certificate.

Nationwide testing takes place at the start of CE2 (Year 3) and the first year of Lower Junior HighSecondary School (Year 6) to pinpoint what each child has successfully learnt. This testing enables comprehensive benchmarks to be established.

The school takes into account the different strengths and varied interests of each student. Skills such as observation, experimentation, sensitivity and creative imagination are developed as well as reasoning, intellectual reflection and motor skills. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Maths competitions and technology challenges as well as practical assessments.

To know more about Teaching programmes and the Common core of knowledge, skills and culture :​ http://eduscol.education.fr/pid36587/teaching-programmes.html