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Welcome to Lycée Condorcet

We thank you for your interest in our school. The LCS admissions team is available to answer any questions you may have. Please find the essential information about our admission procedure below. We work actively to provide the best possible education and well-being conditions for our students, and it is therefore essential that families are committed to their children’s education at LCS in the long-term.

Admissions committee meetings for applications for the current school year take place twice monthly. Applications for the 2021-2022 school year will be studied from October 2021 until school-start. Students can begin at any time during the school year. If places become available during the school year, we offer these available places to children who are still on the waiting list and of registration age.

Applications are submitted online on the Eduka platform. If you wish to submit an application, please refer to our enrolment tutorial below. Our enrolment team is also happy to help should you have any questions or queries. Contact us at

The enrolment team looks forward to meeting you soon!

Head of Admissions at the International French School of Sydney

Elsa De Zilva
Responsable des admissions

Enrolment Procedure

1. Submit your application

Create an application file on Eduka and upload the compulsory documents. Once your file has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation via email.

2. Application fee

Pay the application fee of 250 AUD (non-refundable) in order for your application to be reviewed.

3. Application reviewed

The admissions committee studies applications for the current school year fortnightly. Students may be asked to carry out an assessment. 

4. An offer is sent

If the application is approved and a place is available, an offer will be sent.

5. Upload documents

Pay the registration fee and upload enrolment documents onto the Eduka platform.

6. Enrolment confirmed

Congratulations! Your child’s enrolment is now confirmed.

Specific enrolment information

Year Levels at the International French School of Sydney

Children can join our school from the age of 3. The enrolment process is the same as in other years, but offers are sent between October and November of the year preceding the start of the school year in August. In France, school is compulsory from Petite section (K-2). Priority is therefore given to French children when we enrol children in these classes. We have a waiting list, so we strongly recommend that applicants submit their applications as soon as possible. If your child does not receive an offer at this stage, he or she will remain on the waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available during the school year, offers are sent to the parents of children of eligible age who are still on the waiting list. A mandatory condition of admission is that all children must be toilet trained.

From Kindergarten to Year 5, the Admissions Commission will determine the need to evaluate a child who has not previously studied in the French system. If an evaluation is deemed necessary it will carried out remotely and the elementary school principal will be able to meet with the child and his/her parents. The results will be given to the family within a few days.

Information for Junior and Senior High School Classes

Students must speak French in order to enrol in Secondary School as classes are taught at a native French level.

Open Sections for 1ère and Terminale (Year 11 and 12):
- Humanities, Literature and Philosophy,
- Foreign Languages, Literature and Cultures (ENGLISH),
- History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science,
- Economic and Social Sciences,
- Mathematics,
- Physics and Chemistry,
- Earth Sciences and Life,
- Digital and Computer Science (CLF - in Year 11 only).

Optional Subjects in Terminale (Year 12):
- Complementary Mathematics,
- Expert Mathematics - only possible if specialty mathematics,
- Law and Major issues of the Contemporary world

Modern language 1: English
Modern language 2 (from Year 5): Spanish, German or Mandarin (in High School, Mandarin is an option).
Optional languages (from Year 5 onwards): Latin
Sports Sections: surfing, badminton, tennis, swimming

Read more on the Junior Secondary School page.

We offer the IB Diploma Programme for year 11 and year 12 students. You can submit your application online on Eduka, or contact us for a meeting so that we can get to know your child and his or her education needs and ambitions. Enrolments are open for the 2022/2023 school year for both IB1 and IB2. Please visit the IB page for more information and to contact us for a meeting.

For students who enrol after studying in a non-French school system or a private French school.
From the age of 6 (entry in CP/Year 1), students coming from another school system or from a private French school (Hors-contrat) must undergo an assessment upon arrival to ensure that they will not encounter any difficulties in their age group. Students must speak French in order to enrol in Secondary School as classes are taught at a native French level.

Due to the increasing number of applications, we currently have waitlists in certain grades.

Within the limit of available places, priority is given, among others, to siblings, students coming from a school in the AEFE network and students enrolled in a French school in order to guarantee the continuity of the school programme.

The school reserves the right to ask for information about families' long-term plans for their children and to refuse a pupil whose family plans are not in line with the school project.
Similarly, in exceptional circumstances, the school reserves the right to allocate places beyond its capacity.

Student Visa - CRICOS

International students use CRICOS visa

Lycée Condorcet has access to a limited number of student visa places for those who wish to come and study in Australia on a Cricos visa. Due to the large number of candidates, the school carries out a selection process. The student and the parents or guardians must all submit a personal letter stating their motivations, as well as three references from current or former teachers.

Please note that, in addition to the school fees, accommodation fees must be paid by the family to the host family when applicable. Students who come to study in our school without their family will have to contact Global Experience or Study Vision for hosting.

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