School Fees & Financial Assistance

Enrolment Fees

Enrolment Application fees ($250)

To submit an application to enrol, parents must complete the enrolment form on the Eduka platform and pay an Enrolment Application fee of $250. The application will be reviewed once this payment has being received. The enrolment application fee is non‐refundable.

Enrolment fees ($1500)
Please wait to receive an offer to proceed to the payment of the first enrolment fees. Paying without having received an offer will not secure a place. The initial registration fee ($1500 – non-refundable) and the re-registration fee ($500 non-refundable / only for students re-registering within 2 years) must be paid within one week of receiving the offer of a place.

Tuition Fees for 2021-2022 school year

GradeRate 1Rate 2Rate 3
Pre-Kindergarten 1 and 2 (PS and MS) + Compulsory yearly 5-day canteen package not included26 504 + 1 48316 565 + 1 48316 565 + 1 483
Kindergarten / Maternelle grande section + Compulsory yearly 5-day canteen package not included 23 510 + 1 48312 904 + 1 483 18 425 + 1 483
Primary School / Year 1-5 19 2389 61915 140
Junior Secondary / Year 6-925 14712 57318 094
International Section Year 6 - Year 826 44713 87319 394
Year 10 - Year 1228 98114 49020 011
International Section Year 10 - Year 1230 28115 79021 311
IB 1 - IB 242 00021 00026 521

Rates: Please verify your rate during enrolment. All fees are expressed in Australian Dollars.

Large family discounts apply to rates 2 and 3. The following discounts apply for the 2020/2021 school year.

• 10 % for the second child
• 19 % for the third child
• 24 % for the fourth child and the following children
The oldest child currently attending the LCS is considered the first child. Children must be attending the LCS in order to qualify for this discount.

Other Fees and Invoicing Calendar

Annual flat rate canteen 5 days for PS, MS, GS- 1 483 AUD
Annual flat rate canteen 5 days* - 1 724 AUD
Annual flat rate canteen 3 days** - 1 035 AUD
Occasional canteen rate (per ticket) - 10.60 AUD

The following discounts apply to fees of siblings registered for the canteen 5 days per week:

• 10 % for the second child
• 19 % for the third child
• 24 % for the fourth child and the following children
The oldest child currently registered for the canteen 5 days/week is considered the first child.

Lycée Condorcet offers several extracurricular services such as our after-school and vacation care and our extracurricular activities. These fees are listed in our school fees policy. and you can find more information in the Extracurriculars Booklet.

The annual administrative fees are invoiced each year along with the tuition fees of the first semester. Please refer to the school fees policy for more details.

Other fees include the deposit for textbooks and library books, exam fees, uniforms, etc. All of these fees are listed in the school fees policy.

Tuition fees are invoiced per semester, two months before the start of each semester, and are due one month before school-start. Please find the invoicing calendar here.

Financial Assistance

French Government Scholarship

Students of French nationality registered with the Consulate may, under certain conditions, be eligible for a scholarship. High school families are informed of the dates of the application campaigns via the newsletter.

In the case of late arrivals at the school, parents should contact the Consulate to find out if they can apply during the year. Regardless of when a student arrives, parents must make an appointment at the Consulate to apply in person. All information regarding the School Scholarships is available here.

Financial Assistance from the School - Solidarity Fund

The school offers financial assistance from PS to Terminale (Pre-kindy 1 to Year 12). The amount allocated for financial assistance depends on the number of applications received by the school and the amount available in the “financial assistance” section of the budget.

Only parents of students who have been attending our school for one year or more can apply for financial aid. Please note that families must also be in good standing with the school’s fund. This aid is reserved for families who are not eligible for scholarships from the French government.

Payment and Monthly Installments

Tuition fees are paid during the semester and are due one month before the beginning of each semester. Payment methods are indicated on your invoice (cheque, Bpay, credit card, bank transfer, etc.).

LCS does not offer a monthly fee service. Families are advised to contact credit agencies specialised in education, such as Edstart, directly and in a timely manner (usually 3 to 4 weeks before the payment deadline). These agencies are private systems that substitute for parents and pay the semester fees to LCS. Families then pay these credit agencies monthly or bi-weekly.