Why LCS?

Lycée Condorcet de Sydney welcomes children from age 3 to 18, of all nationalities, accompanied by qualified staff in a warm and friendly environment. We offer a high quality education in accordance with the requirements of the French National Education system and based on universal values: excellence, goodwill, respect, community, commitment and creativity.

Plurilingual Education in an International Environment

More than 50 different nationalities are represented at LCS. Our program is designed to ensure that students obtain a perfect command of both French and English. The results of the Cambridge and Naplan exams demonstrate that our students have a level of English at least equivalent to that of Australian private schools. For non-French speaking students, LCS allows them to acquire an excellent level of French, as well as a new way of thinking and access to the best secondary education in the world, thanks to an internationally recognised diploma.

Educational Excellence

The students’ excellent results in the DNB (Brevet) and the Baccalauréat give them access to some of the best universities worldwide. Click here to read more about tertiary studies.

The World's Largest School Network

LCS forms part of the AEFE network (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger), a unique network of 500 institutions in 137 countries, thus ensuring continuity of the French curriculum from Maternelle to Terminale (Kindergarten to Year 12).

Junior high students measuring liquids in the science lab