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Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

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Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Lycée Condorcet de Sydney

Many factors come into play when choosing your child’s education. We want to make this process easier for you and help you make an informed decision. Follow the steps below to get to know the ins and out of Lycée Condorcet.
Lycée Condorcet Sydney visit the school

Virtual Tour

Get to know our campus and discover the pillars of our bilingual education system by watching our Virtual Tour.

Lycée Condorcet Sydney visit the school

Open Day

Learn more about our educational programs, our values, our global network and how we support our students.

Lycée Condorcet Sydney visit the school

Still have questions?

Book a virtual meeting with one of our enrolment officers to clear up any specific queries you might have. We are here to help guide you through the process.

Virtual Tour

Open Days

LCS Open Days

At Lycée Condorcet, we organise regular Open Days in order to give you the opportunity to discover our school and get to know our principal, deputy principal and the directors of the primary and secondary schools.

Save the date: Our next Open day is on the 30th of October 2024.

We regularly organise punctual visits of the campus, feel free to join us on one of these dates at 9am at the reception (Moverly road), no bookings required. 

  • Thursday 5th of September 
  • Thursday 5th of December
  • Thursday 6th of February 
  • Friday 14th of March


Nicolas L’Hotellier

Antony Jonkx
Vice Principal

Patrice Possenti
Primary School Director

Élise Lombrage
Director of Communication

Elsa De Zilva
Head of Admissions

Virtual Meeting

Ask all the questions you have regarding your family’s specific situation in an online one-on-one with one of our enrolment officers.

For any additional information we invite you to contact us directly by emailing

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