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French Schools Abroad Week

The 6th edition of French Schools Abroad Week will start next week and run from the 28th of November to December 3rd. The aim of French Schools Abroad Week is to promote the excellence and quality of French education, especially in overseas communities. This year’s theme is “Staying informed in order to become conscious citizens in a connected world”. During this week, students across the AEFE network will be carrying out activities and projects related to the theme.

Cartography of Controversies

Below is a look at the debate students had as part of the Cartography of Controversies project. The students discussed the hot topic of Laboratory Meat and played their roles enthusiastically.

This initiative is unique to the AEFE Asia-Pacific zone, and students in our year 10 A class have worked on a global simulation: a role-playing debate on controversial topics. They students each embodied a character (an “actor”) in this social debate that raises the question of the role of science in a major issue of the 21st century: how to feed the world of tomorrow. Continue exploring: VIDEO 

A bit of history… A course on ‘describing controversies’ was created in the 1990s at the École des Mines (now MinesParis Tech) by Bruno Latour. Latour introduced the course in the late 2000s at Sciences Po under the name “cartography of controversies”. In 2018, a partnership was initiated between Forccast and the AEFE French schools abroad with the aim to offer students a fun and educational workshop on information and media knowledge.

Le grand direct – Live Radio Broadcast

On Tuesday 29 November during French Schools Abroad Week, we invite you to participate in the “Grand direct AEFE”, a live and continuous broadcast produced by all the AEFE participating schools – from the east to the west – on the AEFE Twitch channel. The aim of this broadcast is to promote serious reflection, critical thinking and source criticism through the theme: “Staying informed in order to become conscientious citizens in a connected world”. The LCS webradio “Condorcet on Air” will be one of the many AEFE schools participating in the Le Grand Direct project on November 29. Students from primary and secondary school will present a small local newspaper and a magazine, and speak about this year’s. The broadcast on https://www.twitch.tv/aefeinfo is set to start at 2.50 pm.

Le Grand Direct – Well done!

Congratulations to the students in year 5, 6, 7 and 10 who participated in the AEFE French Schools Abroad Week project, le Grand Direct. If you were unable to catch the live broadcast you can listen to it via the link below.

Listen here!