The General French Baccalaureate

The General French Baccalaureate


From the beginning of Year 10 students start preparing for the General or French baccalaureate (FB) exam that leads to higher education. After three years of senior highsecondary school they will have the knowledge and tools necessary to pass their exam and pursue tertiary studies.

Our school syllabus is designed to guide students as smoothly and effectively as possible through their education and provide them with individual support.

The curriculum aims to:

  • Allow for gradual specialisation and conscious preparation for the student’s choice of tertiary study
  • Promote the learning of modern languages, appreciation of the arts and culture and accountability. 

In addition to the compulsory subject Social and Economic initiation, Year 10 students will choose to take one additional subject : 

These introductory courses do not determine the final field of study chosen at the end of Year 10. 

In Year 11 students will choose to follow either the economics and social studies (ES) course or the scientific studies (S) course. The school does not yet offer a literary studies course (L). 

The economics and social studiessciences (ES) course has a focus on social sciences, politics, and mathematics. This stream helps students prepare for careers in the social sciences, philosophy (and other human sciences), management and business administration, and economics.

The scientific studies (S) course has a focus on mathematics, biology, and physics and chemistry. It prepares students to work in scientific fields such as medicineengineering and the natural sciences.

All Year 11 students have to sit the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) evaluation test. This provides them with an official certificate linked to the European reference framework and is recognised by most Australian universities.  

At the end of Year 11 students sit the following General Baccalaureate or FB exams:

  • Written and oral French
  • Supervised personal work (TPE)
  • Sciences (ES only).

In their final year (Year 12) students specialise further, choosing among the following subjects:

  • In the ES course: social sciences or politics and mathematics
  • In the S course: mathematics, biology, or physics and chemistry.

These subjects carry a greater percentage towards a student’s results in their final exams.

From Years 10 to 12, English is taught for a total of four hours a week, the second language (Lv2, German or Spanish) for two hours a week, and an optional third language (Lv3, Latin or Mandarin) for three hours a week.

All students take an Australian history and geography subject for one hour a week, and participate in their choice of sports according to their abilities.

Lycée Condorcet is a baccalaureate exam centre in Australia.