The IB diploma

The IB diploma


What is the IB?

The IB diploma programme is a private two-year end of secondary school program available at schools in 150 different countries across the globe. The programme is rigorous, challenging and extremely rewarding, with pupils able to choose their own subjects and focus on areas that they are interested in and passionate about. The end of schooling diploma is globally recognised and renowned for preparing well-rounded students that excel in higher education and international careers.

IB pupils study six subjects and choose three of these to study at a higher level, as well as three specific IB requirements: the theory of knowledge (TOK), an extended essay on a topic of their choice (EE), and  activities —creative, active and service tasks (CAS) to be completed over the course of the two-year program.

What is the IB teaching philosophy at the Lycée Condorcet?


“The IB program is a wonderful opportunity for students to become global citizens of significance. The holistic nature of the courses on offer allow students to develop critical thinking skills and community awareness. The IB program encourages the students to look at why knowledge is important. It is a wonderful preparation for higher study as students must be independent learners who look to complete their learning with guidance from teachers. The IB program is recognised worldwide as a breeding ground for scholars and leaders.”

-Marcel Hennes, Head of IB



The IB Diploma Programme includes three core elements that are compulsory for all pupils, and six subject groups from which students select the different subjects they wish to study during this two-year period. Students may choose three subjects to study at a standard level (SL) and three subjects to study at a higher level (HL). Standard level subjects include three hours of class per week and higher level subjects include four hours per week. Students attend one hour of class in Theory of Knowledge classes and CAS classes respectively and carry out most of the work in these subjects outside of class. 


Core Elements:

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) 1 hour per week

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) 1 hour per week (most of work carried out outside of class)

4000 word extended essay on subject of student’s choice



  • English

  • French

  • Mathematics

  • Economics

  • History

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Visual Arts

  • Philosophy


International Mobility

Since launching our IB Diploma Programme, our alumni have gone on to study at a range of different higher education institutions around the world. The IB Diploma is globally recognised and easily converted to allow students to apply to university programs across the world. During the past three years, our alumni have studied at institutions such as Cornell University, the UNSW, Maastricht University, the University of British Columbia and La Sorbonne.


Students between 2018 and 2020 have applied to universities in the following countries:


Why study the IB at the Lycée Condorcet?

  • Bilingual Diploma Option

  • Study French at your own level

  • 3-month IB and French Preparatory Program

  • Adapt your program to suit your needs

  • Creative, active and service activities included in the curriculum

  • Small classes (individual to group, depending on subject)

  • Northern hemisphere academic year

  • International school and multicultural environment (secular and co-educational)

Interested? Let us guide you...


  • I am currently studying at another school

The Lycée Condorcet is an international school based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, in between the city centre and the beautiful beaches of south Sydney. We welcome children of all backgrounds from age 3 to 18. Students follow the French national curriculum, as well as parts of the local curriculum, and achieve excellent results in both French and Australian national exams.

Since 2007, we also offer the International Baccalaureate for the last two years of high school. Our students can therefore choose between studying the IB or the French Baccalaureate. Applicants for the IB program are not required to have any prior knowledge of French, but will study French at a level adapted to their needs and aspirations. 

We follow the northern hemisphere school calendar, and therefore our school year begins in August and finishes in June/July, which facilitates joining a northern hemisphere university upon graduation. As of February 2021, we are offering a 3-month IB Preparatory Program which includes core IB subjects and basic French, perfect for students currently studying in a southern hemisphere school.

International Environment

At the Lycée Condorcet, we are proud of our diverse student body and school community. Our multicultural melting pot is one of our greatest assets, and students that attend our school learn early on that there are always different ways of seeing things, and that all opinions are valid and valuable. Our pupils regularly study international and foreign themes, news and cultures, participate in globally themed events and carry out a number of projects that allow them to learn about the world around them. The IB program at the Lycée Condorcet gives you the chance to experience this first hand, to take part in the sharing yourself and to create connections and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Bilingual Diploma - English and French

The Lycée Condorcet offers the bilingual IB diploma, which gives students the chance to have both their English and their French officially recognised. However, students are not required to speak French in order to apply to study the IB at our school. In fact, anyone may apply for our IB program regardless of his or her current knowledge of French. Upon joining the Lycée Condorcet, you will have all the means at your disposal to improve as you will be immersed in a French-speaking environment in which many of your classmates and teachers are native speakers. Indeed, our students consistently achieve excellent results in both French and Australian national assessments.

Moving to Australia

The Australian Government offers a variety of different visas allowing non-citizens or non-residents to live in Australia. One of the visas available is the student visa for adults and children 6 years and older. Each year, we are able to accept a certain number of students who are in Australia on a student visa. You can read more about visas here and about enrolment on our enrolment page. Please find more information about the Subclass 500 Student Visa (CRICOS) on the Department of Home Affairs' website.

I am currently studying at the Lycée Condorcet

Reorientation to study the IB diploma program in Year 11 and 12

The LCS prepares students from Maternelle to the Lycée for the French Bac, however, you can also choose to switch to the International Baccalaureate for your last two years of high school. The IB program offers an education philosophy focused on developing self-motivated, well-rounded future leaders. It allows students to select their own subjects and to benefit from interesting learning methods through subjects such as the CAS and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). 

Students have the opportunity to obtain a bilingual diploma in French and English or, depending on their command of the French language, can choose to study French at a beginner or intermediate level, instead. Like the program itself, the French can be adapted to suit the needs of each student, resulting in a program accessible and open to all. 

If you wish to reorient your studies and join the IB for Year 11 and 12, several people at the school can help guide you such as your  homeroom teacher, the Head of Orientation, Stéphane Vincent, the Head of IB, Marcel Hennes, or the Senior Education Advisor, Raphaël Teulet.


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