Primary School Library - the BCD

Our Primary School library is an exciting world full of stories and imagination. It welcomes all elementary school students and offers the possibility to consult and borrowing books adapted to each age, and to each student. Students discover a wide variety of books written in both languages and are welcome to borrow books to read at home or in class. Children may also visit the Primary School Library outside of school hours.

The library also boasts an ECO-Literature section dedicated to books about the environment and sustainable development that are relatable and relevant for their age group.

Child reading book in library at LCS

Opening Times

Monday – Friday

8.00 – 8.45 am

3.25 – 4.00 pm

Visiting the Library

All classes have scheduled visits to the library. Each class comes every other week with their French teacher and once a period with the English teacher.

Each visit offers students the opportunity to borrow 2 documents in French and 2 documents in English for their personal reading. The teachers also select a series of books: all the students in a class borrow and study the same document.

The youngest children discover the book and its contents, the pleasure and magic of stories, while the older children learn to look for (and find), choose, and expand their own reading possibilities.

In addition, when conditions allow, students have access to the library before and after school hours from 8:00 to 8.45 am and from 3:25 to 4:00 pm.

Child reading book

Book Award

Most classes also participate in the Prix des Incorruptibles project, in which the students read and judge books out of a French national colleciton, choosing their favourite for the Incorruptibles award.

Our Collection

Resources are available and offered in both languages, English and French, from Maternelle to Cycle 3 (Year 5): magazines, albums, fairy tales, documentaries, poetry, audio books, novels and comic books.

The library should be a place that everyone can enjoy: calm and a respectful attitude towards the furniture and books allow everyone to enjoy the place and the collections.

Taking care of borrowed, returned and handled documents extends their life span and multiplies the possibilities of access for other students as well as to other documents.

Library Rules

Students reading in the LCS library

“A room without books is like a body without soul” (/Cicero)