School trip to the Maritime Museum

School trip to the Maritime Museum

CE2 visited the Maritime Museum on August 21st.
They tell us ...

"Tara is a schooner traveling around the world.

We have seen inside the boat: the rooms, the shower ... We thought the kitchen was small but the dining room was large: it takes plenty of room to fit 16 people in! There are 6 scientists, a cook, an artist, a captain and 7 sailors. The crew left for two years. It's long!

Tara's mission is to take plankton from the oceans.

We learned that plankton could float and that it had different sizes, and that it could be tiny or very large.

Plankton is the first to have made oxygen.
It produces 60 to 80% of the oxygen on Earth. We need oxygen to live.

Today the water is so polluted that there are thousands of plastic particles eaten by plankton. As we eat fish, we eat plastic.

A long time ago, the schooner was attacked by pirates. It's shocking !"

The Ce2

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Friday, September 8, 2017 - 10:00