A small zoo in CPc

A small zoo in CPc

Since last week, CPC has 4 new recruits...

First, 3 goldfish that children have unanimously called 'Chocapic', 'Bubulle' & 'Caramel'. 

The 2 children who were randomly selected to look after them for one week were delighted because, as well as feeding them every morning when they arrive at the school, they must check that the level of the water is still 32 cms! You must think water doesn't evaporate very fast but you are wrong! There is often a little mouse who changes the water level in the aquarium in the evening!


A few days after the fish arrived, another companion appeared...the children were waiting for him since the first day of school! How exciting! 

After a brainstorming session, the students had around 30 names in mind! Loulou? Joe? Coco? Martin? Chouchou? Lapinou? Jack? Petit loup?... After a close vote, 'Pilou' won against 'Choupinou', 14 against 10. Welcome Pilou!

A babysitting timetable was created very quickly which parents filled out, they are very happy to welcome Pilou during the weekends & the holidays!

The calendar is already full for the whole year! 

Two children have again been randomly selected to look after Pilou: to change his water and his straw, feed him hay, vegetables and raw fruit and pellet food. it's a great responsibility but far from worrying the other students who hope they will look after him next! 

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 09:30

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