Surfing and swimming competitions - September 2017

Surfing and swimming competitions - September 2017


A delegation of 11 LCS surfers, including Axelle, Lucas, Hugo, Robin, Jules, Nicolas, Flynn, Leo, Max, Gabin and Diego, made their last competition of the season for the club's championship.

Every month since April, they compete with the best Australian surfers. This year the club finished third in the boardriders of Australia. 

Again the performances were present on Saturday, September 16:

Finale microboy

Finale cadet boy
Nicolas 3rd
Leo 6th

Finale Junior boy (high level!)
Flynn 5th

There are still two competitions before finishing this excellent season.


A very large delegation of 15 LCS swimmers began their long race season (50m) on a three-day meeting 16-17-18 September at DRLC.
Louis - Karim - Genevieve (CM1), Alicia - Gard (CM2), Lila - Noémie - Maïa - Lucille (6e), Josephine - Omar (5e), Lara - Julie - Achille - Lulani (4e) et Mirko (1ere), all made PB and proudly represented the LCS, they all worn the LCS competition swimsuit and some even the competition cap of the LCS.

The 2017-2018 season promises to be excellent!


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Monday, September 18, 2017 - 11:30