Tennis tournament

Tennis tournament

The tennis tournament organised by Lycée Condorcet is unlike any other tournament.

We could not have Federer and Nadal but Murray and Pearce travelled to the school to play against the best... 

36 players, big and small, played this Saturday at Latham Park under the sun hidden behind a few clouds. The rules of the game were the same for all: one set to win against their opponents and win the first round. Players who lost only lost temporarily: a second chance was given in order for them to prove themselves on the consoling board. 

From 8am, friends and parents played against the tennis section students, trying to find their weakness and to win betting on more experience or more speed. Despite his experience, Pearce only managed to play for two rounds but imposed his game in the consoling section. The Murray brothers had a little bit of Andy in them, they won 3 times in a row, once on the main board, the second on the consoling board. 

Regarding the consoling section, the two finalists were: Mann S. and Ribault T. won and reached the final. Winning 6-3 Ribault T is the winner of this board. 

Regarding the main board, Sommacal S. (15/1) and Armand S. (5/6) disrupted the hopes of the others. In semi-final, Sommacal intensified his efforts again Gallis L. who was defeated. A few tennis courts away, Armand stopped the winning sequences of Cardot J. exhausted after his last 4 games. Sommacal and Armand made it to the final. With a quick and accurate game, Armand won the last game 6-2. 

Four big tennis hopes also played against each other during the day. From 7 to 10 years, smiling and motivated, this young children deserve praise. McKenny J. finished first in his category, followed by Clarens D. 

This was a nice day, with several tennis games, friendly social event, food, several generations together. 

The prizes were handed by GSK and the French Sydney Open. A big thank you to Mr Cotard and Mr Dilda for the prizes, to everyone for coming, for the crepes, quiches and other foods, to each player for participating and also for the good atmosphere. 

Final board results 

1/4 final: Sommacal beats Tremsal;  Gallis beats Cotard He.; Cardot beats Crussol; Armand S. beats Murray A. 

1/2 final: Sommacal beats Gallis; Armand beats Cardot 

Final: Armand beats Sommacal

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 12:45