OIB - British International Section

OIB - British International Section


The French Ministry of National Education has forged bilateral partnerships with several countries’ educational systems in order to create international options for high school students working towards their Baccalaureat.  The resulting diploma is not a separate Baccalaureat, it is the OIB, or International Option of the Baccalaureat. The educational authorities of partner countries are responsible for the implementation, pedagogical oversight and promotion of the sections. For all British International sections, the partner of the French Ministry of National Education is Cambridge International Education.

The unique feature of the OIB is that A-Level standard examinations in English Literature, History and Geography are added to the full syllabus of the traditional Baccalaureate.

All pupils are required to write and speak in an extended analytical mode at university entrance level in English as well as French. The demands of this dual curriculum mean that pupils learn to manage a heavy workload, and acquire different approaches to thinking and methodology through the two languages. This cultural and intellectual flexibility generally enables them to become highly successful undergraduates in Australia, Britain, France or elsewhere in the world.


Standards in the International Sections are high. Students take English Language-Literature and History-Geography courses taught from a British perspective by certified teachers. 

  • English Language-Literature: 

The syllabus aims (i) to encourage and develop the enjoyment and appreciation of literature in English, based on an informed personal response, and (ii) to develop the ability to analyse and discuss that response and the texts which produced it, in a cogent, organised  manner.

  • History-Geography

The syllabus seeks to provide an introduction to History and Geography as separate disciplines and to develop an understanding of historical and geographical concepts and skills. Students should be able to use the knowledge gained from one discipline to develop a greater understanding of the other. The syllabus is taught half in French and half in English


In elementary school, it will actually only be a validation and formal recognition of our existing program; thus, all our students are considered students of the International Section. Their educational journey at Condorcet has increased value if they were to change school at some point. 

In high school, examinations are being organised for the students who are interested in entering the International Section.