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Our Values

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

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Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

A unique aspect of French education

Our Values


We treat everyone with courtesy, kindness and understanding in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community.


We see strength in diversity and work actively to welcome, understand and learn from others. Over 50 nationalities are represented among our school community and students can learn up to five different languages. All families who wish to give their child a French education are welcome at LCS, regardless of background.


Our community is inclusive, nurturing and empowering, and we strive to offer each and every individual the tools and support they need to succeed. Students, staff and parents are valued members of said community, and here, we treat each other with understanding, kindness and respect.

Global Citizenship

We embrace the virtues of being an empathetic and responsible co-inhabitant of this planet, and encourage the belief that everyone can make a difference. We seek to help students become global citizens who make an impact, and strive to give them opportunities to participate in sustainable development and humanities projects throughout their schooling.


We strive to deliver exceptional education that encourages our students to realise their full personal and academic potential. The quality of the education at LCS enables our students to excel in higher education and careers anywhere in the world.


We are curious and optimistic, actively seeking out challenges and approaching education with energy and good spirit. We support all initiatives and projects that are in line with our mission and values.

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