Parents Association of the LCS

Parents Association of the LCS


L’ APE-LCS what is that?

A parents’ association to better serve the interests of parents and students.


Under what regulation does it operate?

APE are part of the French Code of Education. They exist everywhere.


Who can join?

All parents, if they wish to. You. It is free and does not require any involvement.


How is it structured?

A Bureau regroups those parents who want to devote time to the association.


What for?

The APE-LCS is constantly in touch with the administration on all school subjects.


What means does it have?

APE-LCS representatives seat in the School Council and School Committee.


Who are those representatives?

Parents like you! Elections are held each year early October. You will be offered to vote.


How does it communicate with parents about work done?

Through its internet website where it posts articles regularly, and its Facebook page.


Does it belong to a federation with other APE?

Yes, FAPEE to which the APE of 158 French schools abroad are members.


Does it hold a general meeting?

Yes, each year mid to end September in the lycée, all parents are invited, please come !