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Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Sport Association
Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

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Extracurricular Booklet 2023-2024


Maternelle: Wearing the school uniform is compulsory In Maternelle. Students in PS wear a dark blue polo, MS wear a red polo and GS students wear a light blue polo. Students must wear dark coloured bottoms and enclosed shoes that are all approriate for playing and learning.

Elementary and Secondary: Wearing a uniform is only compulsory during sporting activities and excursions.

Students will be given their uniforms on their first day of school. If you wish to purchase more uniforms, this can be done at reception.

School Supplies

Parents & Friends Association

The association Parents & Friends provide a list of students, alumni and parents offering tutoring, babysitting or petsitting services for this school year. For more information, join the Parents & Friends, Association facebook group, a group for LCS parents and guardians only or contact them via



Because of the Earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun,  Australia’s proximity to the equator and the clearer air in the southern hemisphere, then sun here in Australia is harsh! The Australian Government has developed a public health plan called SunSmart, which includes the famous five steps to protecting ourselves from the sun’s rays. 

We also advise you to read the recommendations of the NSW Department of Education about sun safety at school.

SLIP on covering clothing

At school, make sure your children’s clothes are always sun-safe and appropriate for learning and playing. Wear clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible, for example, shirts with collars and long sleeves. Check clothing for an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), a guarantee of how much UV protection the fabric provides.

A SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen will create a barrier between UV and your skin.

Teachers will always put sunscreen on children before being exposed to the sun.

At school, make sure your children always wears a hat that protects their face, ears and neck, the most common spots for skin cancer.

Find shade whenever you can. Shade alone can reduce UV exposure by up to 75%. LCS has many shaded areas for your child/ren to be out of the sun.

Sunglasses that meet Australian Standard AS1067 and fit your face reduce UV exposure to your eyes.

Sydney Accueil

The LCS is happy and proud to count Sydney Accueil among its dynamic partners.

The mission of Sydney Accueil: 

  • Sydney Accueil’s mission : To welcome – To inform – To connect French speakers in and around Sydney
  • Run by a team of volunteers for over 20 years with one rule: conviviality
  • We are a non-profit organisation that is part of the FIAFE (Fédération Internationale des Accueils Français et Francophones à l’Étranger), a worldwide network of 10,000 volunteers & 100,000 members in 90 countries
Activities and Events

Art – Culture – Sport – Leisure – Charity

  • Events : Soirées, cocktail parties, monthly coffees
  • Museum visits – Exhibitions – Conferences with external speakers
  • Walks – Treks – Discovering Sydney
  • Playgroups with the little ones
  • English and Mandarin classes
  • Creative/cultural/sports activities
  • Wellbeing (Yoga, Qiqong)

LCS Sydney

Covid-19 Prevention and Safety

Our first priority is to assure our educational mission while ensuring our students’ and entire school community’s health, safety and wellbeing at all times. Lycée Condorcet Sydney abides by the rules, regulations and advice provided by the NSW Ministry of Health, the NSW Department of Education, well as the Association of Independent Schools (AIS). For up-to-date information on the evolving Covid-19 restrictions, please refer to the NSW Government’s official websites and make sure to read our weekly newsletters for school updates. 

NSW Department of Education 
NSW Ministry of Health

In order to report a positive Covid-19 case to the school, please email Emails sent to this address will remain confidential and will only be read by the school management team.

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