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  • Partnership Report: Enfants d’Asie

Partnership Report: Enfants d’Asie

Partnership Report: AEFE, LCS & Enfants d’Asie

The AEFE, LCS and Enfants d’Asie partnership report for this year has now been published. Thanks to the funds raised by our students through last year’s raffle, the LCS school community’s donations and the hard work by students, parents, teachers and other staff members, the Enfants d’Asie charity organisation has been able to continue to develop its educational activities with the young people in its care.

I would like to thank all of the students who participated, the parents through their generous donations and all of the people who bought tickets.

We plan to continue our partnership with Enfants D’Asie and their Borey Komar center. The CVL will be meeting with the beneficiaries of the center again in the near future and will be working on setting up new fundraisers.