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  • August 2021 back-to-school

August 2021 back-to-school

Practical information

Back-to-school day is set for Wednesday 18 August 2021.  

Classes, teachers, and timetables will be made available on Pronote a few days before the 18th.  

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  • – The start date of the school year remains unchanged. Classes will begin on Wednesday 18 August for MS to Year 12 and on Thursday 19 August for PS.*
  • The NSW authorities recommend that children stay at home. The school remains open to supervise children who cannot be cared for at home. Details of on-site care will be provided in a future communication.
  • – LCS will be implementing a remote learning programme, the details of which will also be communicated at a later date.

*Subject to the measures announced by the New South Wales authorities at that point in time.

School supplies

Please find required school supplies per class below:  

Maternelle dress code

Grande section (GS)

CP / Y1

CE1 / Y2

CE2 / Y3

CM1 / Y4

CM2 / Y5

Collège / Junior Secondary School 

Lycée / Senior Secondary School


We also encourage families to consider equipping their children with an electronic device for homework or distance learning purposes.

Reading suggestions

The French and history teachers together with our secondary school librarian have put together a list of books to give you some reading tips, both for the holidays and for the school year.

The lists are quite long and there is something for all tastes and all readers. However, they are neither compulsory nor exhaustive, simply some suggestions that are suitable for the age groups specified. 

Pupils can choose novels adapted to their level of French from the publishers Hachette Fle or Cle International.  Included are classics of French literature in simplified versions, but also detective novels, adventure novels, youth novels and more.


Enjoy the reading and your holidays!