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Return to School: School Bus and Extracurriculars

NSW Transport will provide full school transport from 18 October. You can see the bus route on our website. If your child takes the school bus, we ask you to register him/her/them on Eduka. This information is for the school only. Registration will be open from tomorrow until 14 October at 12.00pm.

As mentioned in our email sent out on 24 September, registrations for extracurricular activities (AES) during the first semester have been cancelled. The activities replacing our regular AES have been introduced to meet the current health restrictions and will be published on Eduka on Tuesday, 12 October. Registration for the adapted AES (limited spots available) will be open from Wednesday 13 October at 8pm to Wednesday 20 October at 11pm. No cancellations will be accepted after this date.

The activities will start on Monday 25 October and run until Friday 17 December. As a reminder, the AES will essentially be a time of study / quiet games in groups with students in the same year levels, supervised by school staff, in the same time slot as usual from 3.45pm to 5.15pm, including supervision after school from 3.25pm in the playground.