The School Board

The School Board

The company The International French School of Sydney Ltd includes a School Board with 10 elected parents. Board members are elected by the members of the company. Just like the administrative and staff representatives, the Consul General of France and the French Embassy’s cultural cooperation advisor, are ex-officio members with an advisory role.The School Board works with the Principal to implement and integrate good governance practices throughout our school. This ensures that our mission is being adhered to and our values are upheld.

The School Board of Lycée Condorcet implements and monitors good governance practices to ensure the school’s academic and financial success

The role of the School Board

Members of the School Board

The following Resolutions of the Board have been passed to elect Offices and Terms of Board Members:

  • Following the Constitution, to select half for one or two-year terms
  • The term of two years passes to the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary first


BENOIT DROULEZ President  Until the AGM in 2018
SUZANNE MCARTHUR Vice-President  Until the AGM in 2017
MONA KARAM   Until the AGM in 2017
GRACE CORBIAU   Until the AGM in 2018
JOHN MacCOLL   Until the AGM in 2018
CHRISTOPHE BERGERON Treasurer Until the AGM in 2017
SCOTT COLES   Until the AGM in 2017
LAURENCE CRUSSOL   Until the AGM in 2017
JEAN KERBOUL   Until the AGM in 2017
SANDRO MANCY   Until the AGM in 2017

Until the AGM in 2017

PATRICIA HEESONG (Employee Non-Board Member) Company Secretary Not Limited
AGLAE PRICOT (Employee Non-Board Member) Minute Taker Not Limited


EGM Minutes 2 February 2017

Treasurer's Report 

Financial Statements 2016

Directors Report 2013

Financial Statements 2013
Financial Statements 2012