The School Board

The School Board

The company The International French School of Sydney Ltd includes a School Board with 6 elected parents and up to 4 nominated Directors. Board members are elected by the members of the company or nominated by the Directors of the Board. Just like the administrative and staff representatives, the Consul General of France and the French Embassy’s cultural cooperation advisor, are ex-officio members with an advisory role.The School Board works with the Principal to implement and integrate good governance practices throughout our school. This ensures that our mission is being adhered to and our values are upheld.

The School Board of Lycée Condorcet implements and monitors good governance practices to ensure the school’s academic and financial success



BENOIT DROULEZ Elected Director; Chairman Until the AGM in 2021
BENJAMIN AVANZI Elected Director Until the AGM in 2021
CHRISTOPHE BERGERON Elected Director; Treasurer Until the AGM in 2020
JEAN KERBOUL Elected Director; Vice-Chair Until the AGM in 2020
LORRAINE McDONALD Elected Director Until the AGM in 2021
PHILIPPE OSTERMANN Elected Director Until the AGM in 2020
FLEUR PONT Nominated Director Until November 2019
VINCENT BOCCON-GIBOD Casual Director Until the AGM in 2019
PATRICIA HEESONG (Employee Non-Board Member) Company Secretary Not Limited
CHRISTOPHER PRINCE (Employee Non-Board Member) Minutes Taker Not Limited



Past AGM Minutes

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