Extended British Programme

International Option of the French Baccalaureate Diploma (OIB)

The international version of the French Baccalaureate Diploma is called the OIB, l’Option Internationale du Baccalauréat. Similar to the regular French Baccalaureate, the OIB is a two-year course which takes place in year 11 and 12, leading to the obtention of the OIB diploma. It includes additional instruction hours in a foreign language – in our case the foreign language is UK English – and students prepare through a program called the British Extended Programme throughout primary and secondary school. This programme is widely reputed around Europe for its emphasis on the English language and British culture, history and geography. The British version of the OIB is an integrated Franco-British school-leaving certificate, combining the French Baccalaureate with extra subjects examined to English A-level standard.

Extended British Programme and the OIB per grade

The LCS primary school programme includes the quantity of instruction hours in language, history and geography  required by British and French education authorities to qualify as a Extended British Programme and, therefore, all of our primary school students obtain this merit automatically. In secondary school, however, the Extended British Programme is a separate, selective programme for which students must apply and be wholly invested.

Elementary School: all of our students study the Extended British Programme by default, which includes 5 hours of English language classes.
Junior High School: students enrolled in the Extended British Programme have 4 hours of English, 4 hours of English Language and Literature and 1.5 hours of History and Geography in English.
Senior High School: students have 2.5 hours of English, 4 hours of English Language and Literature and 2 hours of History and Geography in English.
Baccalaureate (year 11 – 12): Students are assessed through two specific tests: Language and Literature, and History and Geography. There is one oral and one written examination for each subject. These assessments are carried out in the language of the specific section, in this case English as it is the Extended British Programme.

Year 11 Electives

– Economics and Social Science
– Earth and Life Science
– Mathematics 
– Physics and Chemistry
– History and Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science 
– Humanities, Literature and Philosophy
– Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture

-Digital and Computer Sciences