International Baccalaureate

What is the IB diploma?

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The IB diploma programme is a two-year end of secondary school program available at schools in 150 different countries across the globe. The programme is rigorous, challenging and extremely rewarding, with pupils able to choose their own subjects and focus on areas that they are interested in and passionate about. The diploma is globally recognised and renowned for preparing well-rounded students that excel in higher education and international careers.

IB pupils study six subjects and choose three of these to study at a higher level, as well as three specific IB requirements: the theory of knowledge (TOK), an extended essay on a topic of their choice, and CAS activities —creative, active and service tasks to be completed over the course of the two-year program.



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Why Lycée Condorcet?

Bilingual Diploma - English and French

At Lycée Condorcet, we offer the bilingual IB diploma, which gives students the chance to have both their English and their French officially recognised. However, students are not required to speak French in order to apply to study the IB at our school. No matter your level upon joining Lycée Condorcet, you will have all the means at your disposal to improve, as you will be immersed in a French-speaking environment with bilingual classmates and teachers. Indeed, our students consistently achieve excellent results in both French and Australian national assessments. The 2021 IB Diploma Programme results were our best yet, with a grade average of 36, well above the global average of 33, which corresponds to an average ATAR of approximately 93.90.


The IB Diploma Programme includes three core elements and six subject groups from which students can choose different subjects. It is compulsory to choose at least one subject from all groups, except from the Arts group. The student can instead choose a subject from any other group except Mathematics. Within these subject groups, students may choose three subjects to study at a standard level (SL) and three subjects to study at a higher level (HL). Standard level subjects include three hours of class per week and higher level subjects include four hours per week. Students attend one hour of class in Theory of Knowledge classes and CAS classes respectively with most of the work in these subjects being carried out outside of class. 

Core Elements

IB Subject Groups and Subjects Offered at LCS

IB Teaching Philosophy at Lycée Condorcet

The IB program is a wonderful opportunity for students to become global citizens of significance. The holistic nature of the courses on offer allow students to develop critical thinking skills and community awareness. The IB program encourages the students to look at why knowledge is important. It is a wonderful preparation for higher study as students must be independent learners who look to complete their learning with guidance from teachers. The IB program is recognised worldwide as a breeding ground for scholars and leaders.

– Marcel Hennes, History teacher IB

International Mobility

Since launching our IB Diploma Programme, our alumni have gone on to study at a range of different higher education institutions around the world. The IB Diploma is globally recognised and easily converted to allow students to apply to university programs across the world. During the past three years, our alumni have studied at institutions such as Cornell University, the UNSW, Maastricht University, the University of British Columbia and La Sorbonne.

Lycée Condorcet Sydney graduates' tertiary studies chart

LCS 2018-2021 IB Alumni – Tertiary Studies

Academic Results