Elite squads

Our Elite Squads are a part of the global sports and physical education objectives of the French education system and are accredited by the AEFE, the Agency for French Education Abroad. Therefore, they are an important pillar of sports and P.E. at the Lycée Condorcet. The Elite Squads offer students the opportunity to take part in a long-term training and preparation program, and to participate in national and international competitions. Tryouts are held each year.

Lycée Condorcet Sydney elite badminton squad in our new multipurpose gym

- Asia-Pacific Badminton Championship (CAPB)
- Inter LCS competitions
- NSW Inter-School Championship
- NSW Federation Competitions

- Friday nights at DRLC Maroubra Swimming Club
- Asia-Pacific Swimming Championship (CAPN with the AEFE Asia-Pacific zone)
- 4-5 regional competitions
- MetSEA Championships
- NSW State Championships
- Australian and French National Federation Championships

Surf :
- 7 Maroubra Southend Boardriders competitions
- Sydney Region Inter-school competitions organised by NSW Surfing Federation
- Matraville Sports High School team competition with the help of NSW Surfing Federation

Tennis :
- Tournaments organised by the LCS Elite Squads
- French Sydney Open

Badminton – NSW Badminton Federation (competitions and training) & SBA (Sydney Badminton Association with whom the LCS is affiliated)
Swimming – DRLC (swimming centre: coaches & pool), DRLC Maroubra Swimming Club and Randwick City Swim Club for Australian club competitions and Aqua Club de Pontault-Roissy (FR) for French Club Competitions
Surf – Let’s Go Surfing (coaches) & Maroubra Southend Boardriders (competition)
Tennis – Tennis Snape Park (terrain de tennis & affiliation avec NSW Tennis Federation)

Sports Association & Development Squads

The LCS Sports Association (AS) was created in January 2012 and continues to grow along with the AEFE Asia Pacific zone and its sports league. The association was created in order to enable students to engage in sports and physical activities, in addition to P.E. classes, on a voluntary basis and with no prior selection test. Students may join one of seven different development squads which foster the French “association spirit” that adds a social and community dimension to sport, distinguishing it from the Elite Squads and the sports and physical education classes. The aim is give young people memorable sporting experiences through playing, coaching and refereeing sport. Note that each activity lasts 90 minutes and can include both theoretical and practical training. The Development squads are run by our high school P.E. teachers. The Sports Association is recognised by the French Government Program (UNSS license) and is included in the AEFE Asia Pacific zone. It is therefore a part of the High School EPS project although it takes place outside of school hours.

Which sports are available?

Step Fitness
Swimming (advanced swimmers)

The maximum capacity sports activities is limited, therefore, students may choose just one Development Squad to join. Families are responsible for transport to and from venues. All information concerning Development Squad sports, including timetables and registration, can be found on Eduka.

International French School of Sydney swimmers diving into pool at swimming competition

Talent Identification

Swimming: Year 4-5-6

Student in the International French School's elite swimming squad

Tennis: Year 4-5-6

Tennis elite squad on a trip to the Australian Open

Surfing: Year 4-5-6

Surfing elite squad at a surf competition with the Lycée Condorcet

Badminton : Year 4-5-6

Badminton tournament at Lycée Condorcet

In February 2013, a new Talent Identification Program (IT) in swimming was set up to identify exceptionally talented swimmers in Primary School. This program helps students integrate the elite swimming section in High School by preparing them at an early age. Due to the success of the Swimming IT program, the High School P.E. staff has decided to expand this experience to surfing, badminton and tennis as there is an Elite Sports Section in all of these activities in High School. This program is carried out on a voluntary basis but is subject to a preliminary entrance test. Additionally, we also take into consideration the students’ motivation.

The Talent Identification tryouts take place during the first week of training in the beginning of the school year, and are based not only on the students’ talent, but also on their level of motivation and commitment. Students do 90 minutes of training per week (60 minutes for swimmers) for 30-32 weeks. For safety reasons, and in order to train in optimal conditions, a prerequisite level must be met. The level required varies depending on the sport and the number of athletes in the program. The Talent Identification Program is defined in the Secondary School P.E. Education Project and is run by the Secondary School P.E. teachers’ team. Please note that teachers will not be in charge of the transport to the venue.

Sport and Physical Education

Sport and physical education (EPS) is a compulsory subject which prepares students for the French National Brevet Exams in Junior and Senior High School. Throughout their Secondary School education, our students will have between two and four hours of EPS per week and discover sports and activities such as:

Students playing Oz Tag in sports and physical education class at Snape Park