Talent Identification (IT)

Talent Identification (IT)

In February 2013, a new TALENT IDENTIFICATION (IT) program in swimming was set up to discover primary student talent and to help for a possible Integration  with greater ease and efficiency these athletes to the High School's Elite sports swimming section. 

The experience being successful in Swimming, the high school PE team have decided to expand this experience to Surf and Tennis as there is an Elite sport section in both of these activities in High School.

In this program, students must be both volunteers and highly motivated. 

During the first week of training, at the beginning of the school year, there will be tests to select the athletes. The annual training will then be of 1:30 per week (1 hour per week for the swimmers) during 30-32 weeks.

For safety reasons and in order to work in optimal conditions, a prerequisite level will be requested and adapted according to the activity.

The Talent Identification Program is defined in the Secondary School PE Education Project. This program is managed by the high school PETeachers team, it is intended for cycle 3 : 


SURF : CM2 - 6e


Information, timetable and enrollments are managed on Eduka.  Please note that teachers will not be in charge of the transport to the venue.