What is my child's curriculum going to look like?

What is my child's curriculum going to look like?


Lycée Condorcet Sydney offers a comprehensive curriculum in French and English all the way from maternelle to the end of high school i.e. the French Baccalaureate (FB) or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Students follow the French curriculum and school calendar with some adjustments for Southern Hemisphere seasons and Australian school terms. We also include curriculum requirements from the Australian government such as Australian culture, language and history.


Pre-foundation years/Maternelle

A unique aspect of the French school system is that all children have access to maternelle education before the age of six, when compulsory schooling begins. Maternelle is often divided into three levels: petite (3 years old), moyenne (4 years old) and grande (5 years old).

In petite section, 50% of activities are in English. In moyenne section 30% and in grande section 25% of activities are taught in English but there are also special English and French support classes offered where necessary.

Learning is structured around five fields of activity: playing, developing sensory experiences, motor coordination, emotions and intellect.

By the end of maternelle a child understands the basic concepts involved in learning to read, write and count.

Elémentaire/Elementary School

Our elementary school takes children aged six to ten from Year 1 to 5. The syllabus lays the foundations for high school with a focus on gaining proficiency in written and spoken French and English.

In Years 1 to 3 (cycle 2) students consolidate their learning of foreign languages, mathematics, discovery activities, the visual arts, music, physical education and sport. 

In Years 4 and 5 (cycle 3) new subjects are introduced including literature, history and geography, experimental sciences and technology.

Collège/Junior High School

Junior High School covers Years 6 to 9 for students aged between 11 and 15.

All subjects in junior high school are taught by different teachers with specific qualifications in each field. In addition, there are five hours of lessons in English each week. In Year 6, students have the option to begin learning a second foreign language, Latin or Mandarin.

At the end of junior high school, students sit the National Diploma Brevet, which is the equivalent of the School Certificate.

Lycée/Senior High School

After three years of senior high school students will have the knowledge and tools necessary to pass their exam and pursue tertiary studies.

From the beginning of Year 10 until the end of Year 12, Lycée Condorcet Sydney offers two different curriculums for Senior High School for students to qualify for higher education: the General or French baccalaureate (FB), or the International baccalaureate (IB).


The French baccalaureate

The FB curriculum allows for gradual specialisation and conscious preparation for the student’s choice of tertiary study, and promotes the learning of modern languages, appreciation of the arts and culture and accountability. 

In addition to the compulsory base subjects studied by all students, Year 10 students will choose to take additional subjects from one of the three following areas: Economic and Social Studies (ES), Scientific studies (S), or Literature and society (L).

In Year 11 students choose to follow either the economics and social studies (ES) course or the scientific studies (S) course. The school does not yet offer a literary studies course (L). 

In their final year (Year 12), students specialise further, depending on their area of specialisation.

From Years 10 to 12, English is taught for a total of four hours a week, the second language (German or Spanish) for two hours a week, and an optional third language (Latin or Mandarin) for three hours a week.

All students take an Australian history and geography subject for one hour a week, and participate in their choice of sports according to their abilities.


The International baccalaureate

Students can start the IB in Year 11 if they have already completed Year 10 at the school. If they are coming from an Australian school, they must take the IB Prep program for the first six months of the year before starting Year IB 1 in August. 

After sitting the IB exam, students graduate with a Bilingual Diploma confirming their proficiency in both English and French. However, the ability to speak French is not a prerequisite for enrolment in the IB. Students may also take Spanish, German or Mandarin.