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Oral Care Recycling Programme

Once again, LCS has signed up for the toothbrush recycling programme with Terracycle, so bring in your old toothbrushes and prevent them from going into landfill!We are also competing against other schools to win a recycling bin for the waste of our choice. To win we need to get the most votes and activities done out of all the schools, here is how it works:

1 vote = 1 point -> Vote for LCS LYCEE CONDORCET. You can only submit one vote per day, so make sure to come back and vote multiple times!
1 Kahoot quiz = 10 points
1 Colgate® activity sheet = 10 points

Any students, friends and family members can participate. Vote, download the activity sheets, access the quizzes and read more here:

Terracycle x Colgate Recycling Programme 

Submit your activities and votes under LCS LYCEE CONDORCET

terracycle colgate recycling programme poster
terracycle colgate recycling poster