Lycée Condorcet de Sydney

Senior Secondary School

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Phone: (+61) 02 9344 8692

Senior Secondary School

The specificity of Lycée Condorcet de Sydney lies in offering three internationally recognised diplomas: the French Baccalauréat (BAC), the French International Baccalaureate (BFI), and the International Baccalaureate (IB). These three diplomas pave the way for further studies, primarily in preparatory classes, leading to prestigious universities and specialised schools. The general curriculum comprises common courses, ensuring the acquisition of a shared culture, alongside specialised subjects chosen by students to deepen their knowledge and gradually refine their individual projects.

In contrast to the traditional approach of expecting students to adapt, Lycée Condorcet de Sydney embraces a different philosophy. With each new student welcomed, the school adapts to their needs. LCS views its students’ unique perspectives as a strength, fostering a transition towards a more diverse and inclusive educational environment. “It truly is a community unto itself,” says Marcel Hennes, an IB teacher. “We emphasise individual growth and international dimension reinforcement because we have students from various backgrounds and cultures. Simply walking along the corridors, you can see how this student body represents the diversity of the world.”

LCS Sydney

Key Stages


  • Discovery camps in NSW
  • World High School Students Week
  • Internships
  • Student and Professional Forums at LCS
  • Let’s Create a Startup for Y10 students: a competition open to young aspiring entrepreneurs 
  • ADN x AEFE: school exchange program

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