Our Facilities

Our Facilities

LCS benefits from excellent facilities which are continuously updated in order to provide our students and teachers with the best possible learning environment. We have several modern laboratories, tech rooms, an indoor multipurpose court, a school theater, two libraries and a large canteen where our students can eat warm three-course meals. This enables students to stay energised throughout the day by having access to nutritious food and areas to play and exercise, which is vital to be able to grow, learn and be happy, healthy individuals.

Our Libraries

Primary School Library – BCD

Our Primary School library is an exciting world full of stories and imagination. Each Primary School class visits the library at least once a week with their French teacher and once a week with their English teacher. Students discover a wide variety of books written in both languages and are welcome to borrow books to read at home or in class. Children may also visit the Primary School Library outside of school hours.

The library also boasts an ECO-Literature section dedicated to books about the environment and sustainable development that are relatable and relevant for their age group.

Secondary School Library – CDI

The secondary school’s library is at the centre of Lycée Condorcet’s school life. It provides students with the opportunity to study, read and expand their knowledge in a quiet and bright environment. The library, in addition to being conducive to exchanges between teachers and students, promotes culture and hosts various exhibitions. Thus, it is at the crossroads of both information and culture which it makes accessible to all. The library is involved in cultural and humanitarian events and projects of the school.

You can access the Lycée Condorcet library resources list by clicking here. Please find more information about the secondary school library here.

Our Canteen

A unique school canteen service

LCS offers a canteen service from Monday to Friday. Chartwells, our meal service provider, is a specialist in this field and offers complete and varied meals, prepared and served on site and always including a starter, the main course and dessert “à la française”.

Nutritious and balanced, the dishes are internationally inspired and include various fruits and vegetables, dairy products, starchy foods, meat or fish. Theme weeks are also organised throughout the year, to encourage the discovery of different flavours and cultures and to make this meal time more festive.

In addition, from Year 6 onward, students have the opportunity to personalise their meals thanks to the salad and fruit bars provided. Our chefs favour organic ingredients and ingredients from the school’s garden as much as possible: carrots, fresh herbs, onion, peppers, etc. The menu is available one week in advance on Pronote.

A variety of meal options

In order to meet the different dietary needs of our students, our canteen offers 8 different menus at no additional cost. This includes vegetarian meals as well as several other options that require a medical certificate, such as gluten-free, lactose-free, pescatarian, no fish, no pork and no eggs. As LCS is a nut-free school, the canteen does not serve food containing nuts.

Environmentally-friendly approach

LCS is committed to a global environmentally-friendly approach in which the school catering service plays a major role. This is reflected in the selection of produce, the sorting of waste, the choice of equipment (e.g. water and energy saving dishwashers) and getting rid of disposable tableware, etc. Our students carry out waste audits, we have food and organic waste bins and the canteen disposes of fruit and vegetable peels in our worm farm.


Oeufs sur canapé / canapé eggs

Ravioli à la ricotta & epinard / ricotta ravioli & spinach

Carotte, broccoli, chou fleur, petits pois / carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, peas

Eau / water

Cheddar / cheddar cheese

Poire, melon honeydew, orange / pear, honeydew melon, orange


Bâtonnets de patate douce / sweet potato sticks

Agneau bolognaise / lamb bolognaise

Gratin de pomme de terre, petits pois, mais / potato gratin, peas, corn

Eau / water

Cheddar / cheddar

Banane, melon, raisin / banana, melon, raisin


Rouleau de printemps / spring roll

Poisson pané, sauce Tartare / crumbed fish, tartar sauce

Pomme de terre au four, betterave / roasted potato, beetroot

Eau / water

Pomme, melon honeydew, orange / apple, honeydew melon, orange

*Example of the canteen menu

New Primary School Facilities

We have embarked upon an exciting refurbishment journey to provide improved facilities for our students and staff and enter a new phase of our history, by delivering an enriched learning environment that meets the needs of our bespoke educational model.

The new specialist facilities, such as enhanced learning spaces and a gymnasium, will be a showcase of best practice design. This will make the school more modern whilst supporting student, parent and teacher wellbeing, and delivering a high level of education.

About the project

Our school provides a unique and multicultural experience with students drawn from more than 50 different national backgrounds. The new and upgraded facilities will support the school’s daily operations and provide:

»    Welcoming public spaces including entrance and reception area

»    New playground

»    Maternelle, Kindergarten and Elementary classrooms

»    New gross motor skills room for maternelle students

»    New gymnasium

»    Pedagogical kitchen

»    Dormitory for younger kids (nap time)

»    Administration offices

»    Basement car park for staff

New buildings at the International French School of Sydney