Bus information

Bus information


The public school bus

The school bus is available to students starting from the Grande Section. Please note that there is no adult on the bus other than the driver. Students must be independent and able to apply good judgment. We draw your attention to the fact that there is only one bus service in the morning and the afternoon. Therefore, high school students who are required to arrive at 8am at school will have to use another mean of transport. The rules of good conduct are imposed. Misconduct by a student may result, after warning, in his/her exclusion from school transport.

To request an Opal card :

Citizens and permanent residents: https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/applyNow

Others: https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/termBusPass


Term Buss Pass

Parents may apply for a State Transit School Student Term Bus Pass for Primary and Secondary school students who are deemed ineligible for subsidised travel through the  School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS). Primary school students must reside within the 1.6km radial distance from the school attended and Secondary school students must reside within the 2.0km radial distance from the school attended.

A School Student Term Bus Pass is valid for travel between the registered home address and the school on school days only, via the most direct means.


Apply for a Term Bus Pass online on the Transport for NSW website.


Bus routes

Morning bus 719 

Evening bus 718