Newly renovated classroom at the International French School of Sydney
Classroom Renovations
15 September 2021

The classroom renovations have been delayed due to NSW COVID-19 restrictions on construction work, and sub-contractors who were blocked in the 13 restricted LGAs in Greater Sydney. Our Facilities Manager and Business Manager have been closely monitoring the situation, and we now have the pleasure to inform our community that the classroom renovations have been […]

French textbooks for students at the international French school in Sydney
Textbook Click & Collect!
2 September 2021

Update: Textbooks for our secondary school students are being distributed this week. The textbooks will help improve the quality of remote learning and reduce the amount of screen time. We would like to thank all the LCS staff for organising this click & collect system, while respecting the restrictions so that everything could go as […]

Excellence is one of the Lycée Condorcet school values
DNB Results
18 August 2021

Congratulations Year 9 Students! Congratulations to our year 9 students on their excellent results on the French national exam, the Brevet. Issued by a jury, the Brevet (DNB) is a diploma aimed at ensuring that students have acquired the knowledge, skills, values and maturity required to succeed in education, as an individual and as part […]

August 2021 back-to-school
30 July 2021

Practical information Back-to-school day is set for Wednesday 18 August 2021.   Classes, teachers, and timetables will be made available on Pronote a few days before the 18th.   > Access hours and plans IMPORTANT UPDATE 30 July 2021  – The start date of the school year remains unchanged. Classes will begin on Wednesday 18 August for […]

International French School of Sydney Courtyard
Sydney Lockdown Extended
26 July 2021

Due to the lockdown in Sydney being extended until 31 July, the school is still not open to the public, though we hope to reopen the school reception next week. For urgent matters, please contact us at See you soon!

Épreuves anticipées baccalauréat
Year 11 Exam Results

Congratulations to our Première/ Y11 students for their excellent results in the French assessments of the Bac exams which they take in Y11. The students achieved an average of 13.76/20 in the written exam and 16.31/20 in the oral exam.Well done!

2021 IB Diploma graduating class with bilingual diplomas
IB Results 2021
8 July 2021

Congratulations! The first IB results have arrive and 100% of students have obtained their diplomas, congratulations! For the first time in LCS history, two of our students have achieved scores over 40. This will convert to ATARs of over 99! Over 70% of the class have achieved an ATAR of over 90 and the average […]

2021 IB and baccalaureate graduating class
Baccalaureate Results 2021
1 July 2021

0 % Highest Honours 0 % High Honours 0 % Honours Congratulations to our year 12 students who have all obtained their ‘Bac’ the French secondary school finishing diploma, and all of them with honours! Both students and teachers have worked incredibly hard, well done to all of them. We wish the graduates the best […]

LCS students on School Strike 4 Climate day
Environment Week at LCS
16 June 2021

World Environment Day World Environment Day took place on June 5th and LCS is celebrating this occasion all throughout the week, hosting various workshops, talks and activities. Students, from the youngest to the oldest, will have the opportunity to reflect on subjects such as renewable energy, endangered species, biodiversity and waste, with their teachers, speakers […]

UK flag
British Week at LCS

14-18 June 2021 To celebrate the Queen’s birthday and to promote our Extended British Programme, LCS teachers have organised several British-themed workshops and activities throughout the week. Students from maternelle to year 12 will have the opportunity to celebrate British culture and languages through poetry, literature, theatre, cinema and much more!