Financial assistance

Financial assistance


French government grants

French nationals who are registered at the Consulate can, under certain conditions, be eligible to apply for a scholarship. Information is given to the families through the newsletter and is also displayed on the notice board situated at the school reception.

In the case of a late enrolment, parents must contact the Consulate to find out if they can request a scholarship during the school year.  

In any case, parents must make an appointment with the Consulate in order to lodge their grant request in person.

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School financial assistance 

The school can provide financial assistance, from petite section in maternelle to Terminale. The amount allocated to the financial assistance depends on the number of requests received by the school and the amount available in the budget for financial assistance. It is limited to 100% of the school fees.

Only parents of students who have been enrolled for at least 1 year in our school can lodge a financial assistance request. Please note that families must have also paid all fees. This assistance is for families who are not entitled to receive the French government's grants.

Please download the financial request form and the financial assistance notice below.


Payment in full of the school fees is due one month prior the beginning of the semester. ASG Funding solutions and Edstart for instance are private systems which enable parents to pay by instalments during the semester.  Please note that there are different private systems and these ones have been given for information only.