6 October 2021

Calling all secondary school musicians: Participate in the 2021 edition of the French Schools Abroad Orchestra!

French Schools Abroad Orchestra
French Schools Abroad Orchestra participants

First, the 6th edition of the French Schools Abroad Orchestra (OLFM) was disrupted by the pandemic, next, the 7th edition was carried out entirely online, but now, the 8th edition of the OLFM is set to take place partially face-to-face, combining meetings via videoconference and a gathering in Madrid, led by conductor Adriana Tanus. The young musicians selected will have two major meetings: the first round of remote rehearsals in February 2022, then if health restrictions allow, a meeting in Madrid the following May for rehearsals followed by a final concert.

LCS is auditioning interested junior and senior secondary school students, as participants are limited to 50 instrumentalists from French schools around the world. Please send a video adhering to the criteria indicated in the link below on the AEFE website, to musicprogram@condorcet.com.au before midnight on Thursday 14th of October 2021.

The instruments and the video criteria, as well as all further information can be found via this link:

 AEFE Orchestre des lycées français du monde