The main goals of the Eco Committee are to help reduce the carbon footprint of the Lycée Condorcet, to foster lifelong environmental ownership among students and teachers and to encourage the local community to join the school in its commitment to sustainability.

The Eco Committee organises fun events such as Ride2School Day, Clean Up Australia Day, World Environment Day, as well as great workshops and exhibitions for our students.

Anyone who is a parent or student of the school can get involved. For more information, please contact:

The eco-committee belongs to the LCS association "Parents and Friends" and is a group of parents who care about the environment and wish to improve their families', school's and community's sustainability.


The eco-committee has been organising in the past conferences and events for students around the environment, has participated in school strike, been helping the school to recycle and sort out garbage, organising beach cleaning and ride2school events, as well as selling second-hand books and uniforms. Money is then used to finance ecological projects in the school.


We are thankful for the work done by previous members and are always happy to welcome new parents to get new ideas and realise projects. Don't hesitate to contact us via   !


Below are the events to keep in mind for this new school year:




Second-hand uniforms sale (contact-less)

1 -12 September 2020

World Clean Up day

19 September 2020

School Strike

25 September 2020

Ride2School (1)

23 October 2020

Ride2School (2)

4 December 2020

Clean Up Australia day

01 March 2020

Ride2School (3)

Ride2School National day

19 March 2021

Earth Hour

27 March 2021

Ride2School (4)

14 May 2021

World Environmental Day

5 June 2021

World Oceans Day

8 June 2021

Challenge yourself with Plastic Free July!

What is plastic free July?

Plastic Free July is a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation that aims to reduce plastic pollution in the month of July and brings awareness around plastic pollution. It started in 2011 in Australia and has now spread to over 150 countries. Millions of people across the globe take part every year in it, with many committing to reducing plastic pollution far beyond the month of July.

You can register to take the “plastic free July” challenge and get some weekly tips and read stories to help you in your journey.

You can also do it without registering of course!

>> See more information and tips in the pdf attached below